Soulful, ethereal and unrestricted by genre, Gabrielle Current is quickly carving out her own musical path. A penchant for dreamy synths, soft jazz melodies, and poetic lyricism define Gabrielle’s multifaceted sound. Born-and-bred in Los Angeles, the twenty-two year old singer is littered with metaphors and poetic structure. ‍

With three strong releases already under her belt – “Come To Think (feat. FINNEAS),” “Glow,” and “B&W” – Gabrielle is quickly becoming an artist to watch. All three of her current releases were featured in the massive finale of the show Pretty Little Liars. Gabrielle’s silky vocal melodies have also caught the attention of numerous notable producers, including Kaskade, Felix Cartal, Lipless and The Ready Set, once again proving her versatility as an artist and vocalist.‍

Existing somewhere between left-of-center pop and alternative R&B Gabrielle’s unique blend of genres is what makes her sound instantly captivating.